Conjuring A Spring


I walk into spring 
      Like a boss
Ready to take over
My world
Shake things up
This is my
Because this winter
Has been harsh
And I’m ready to
      Give up
But spring is here
I breathe in 
Give myself
This last little 
      Weave some magic
      Speak this spell
Place this call 
Into the universe
I’ve survived this far
It’s my turn to 
      Get mine
Get up
Grab life and 
Flip it
      I write my story
      This is my narrative
Sun shines 
On my body
As I crawl and claw
And scream into
The breeze
Blow away this 
Take with you this 
I am cooking up
      A feast
To my blossoming
To new beginnings
      Lighting the candles
      Making the ablutions
To purify intentions
Draw to me the spirits
That push my 
      Chin up
Straighten my spine
As I jump into 
The future
      I command

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artist, art historian, culture critic, editor, healer, poet, writer, a force of nature

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