Mind, Body, Our

by Rodney Askins

“Through turf nights with barriers of poverty, every day is a struggle. How and why is your answer-added question. This poem is a long life story song.”

Sometimes I whistle to ignore the horrors of other depression that circles
around my mind for what it’s worth the sound is close to the edge
it’s relevant to abandon the circle to escape the time. Puzzle
of the ill of my body with Thor’s reaching out of my neck
and bipolar phase, barely closing my eyes awaiting for the next sunset.
I prey for faith and the glory will fill my mind with positive delights
to overcome my next achievement despite if the day is not gay.

What becomes me is yours,
our designation is coming close to rub out your sore.
Crying blood is a show of prize
an grateful song to rest out the headache
to justify your mind. The tension
that makes your body relevant becomes exclusive
ever watch whether for cup of coffee or yoga stretching and baby jogging,
Mind-Body & Our can be recommended forever
upsetting conversion that has reasonable commitment.

Mind, Body, Our is our essential to make-up
plus try not to break-up and we can consider
our elites as each element portion memorable,
service our self over laughter and food
just enough to keep your mind full ,
latitude elevator motion, pure ice water
on my body and consider me yours!

Rodney Askins writes to express his soul thoughtfully.


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