Soul Screamer and The Tempest Blooms : Poetry By Nicole Lyons

Vines or resilience climb
the length of my spine-straight.
Blooming down arms of hope
and hands of peace, raised
in wait, to embrace
a revolution.

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The Safe Place That Saved My Life: Trigger Warning

TW: Sexual violence against children The physical aspect of child molestation eventually ends, but the emotional destruction does not lift off the tiny shoulders carrying the burden. Instead, it grows with you and casts a shadow of overwhelming darkness for years, decades; sometimes for life. I was molested for 8 years of my childhood and […]

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Infested Sestina

Infested Sestina here i sit in this old house it moans and creaks maggots seep through walls, infesting, crawling on broken wood. this Place, It is haunted, left to the lingering dead.   the halls are. the walls are—dead fragrant must lingers for old times of domestic bliss, not haunting cries of sorrow and condemned […]

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The Spike: Cause & Effect

By L R Fletcher Toni holds his breath to avoid inhaling the bus’s fetid fumes as he bounces aboard, the promise of the special weekend ahead putting an extra spring in his step, and pauses for the eagle-eyed driver to inspect his pass. The hook-nosed pilot is the only one on this route to have […]

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Losing my Identity – By Charlotte Farhan

Clouding of Consciousness - By Charlotte Farhan

Losing my Identity – By Charlotte Farhan   Identity is the structure and detail of a person, from who you see yourself as, what you believe in and where you see yourself in relation to others and the world around you. When someone has a stable sense of self they are able to identify themselves […]

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Final Debate POTUS 2016 Rocky Horror or American Horror Story :Trump 

Thursday Night, many of us tuned in LIVE to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but we gotta rewind to three nights ago, when we tuned in LIVE to see the Rocky Future Horror Show. YES, the third and FINAL Presidential debate, live from Las Vegas, where only the classiest mistakes happen! The last debate, […]

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Know thyself. Ok, but how?

This essay originated as a post on my blog, another writing mom, in August 2015. I have adapted and expanded it for OTV’s October identity theme. TW for mentions of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, sexual coercion, and gaslighting. I wrote the following sentence over a year ago: “Knowing myself, being myself, even while chaos […]

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Many Identities (trigger warning)

By Tricia Barker Walt Whitman said, “We contain multitudes…” and he might be right.  The older I get, the more identities I gather; but as I inhabit each one I try to hold on to the essence of kindness, even when that kindness need only be directed toward myself.   Survivor of Men’s Violence and […]

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Underwater Insight

  Drew Bromfield spends his days (and let’s be honest, nights) finishing his dissertation in cognitive neuroscience at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  A student of Shambhala Buddhism, he leads meditation regularly for the Hoosier Heartland Shambhala Meditation group at Maxwell House Yoga.  He finds special richness in the interface among relationships, ongoing lived experience, […]

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You Need to Fly

Open your wings expand into a cloud flow glide clouds are cotton candy unicorns run wild mermaids fall from the sky tiny magical lifeforms raindrops that grow into the coral reef they are artist caretakers making the reef a sacred place beautiful blue Azul topaz Gold flickers. Pearls shimmer.

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