A Woof is My Word For Love

This tugged at my heart. I miss my Boomer. The unwavering , unquestionable, purity of his love and the love of my other firry babies Chloe and Lucky hold my heart. This reminded me of the purity of their love! ❤️

Worn Corners

img-20160501-wa0063 Image Courtesy: Soul Muser

Calvin breathes gently. Despite the pain and exhaustion, despite the air of resignation that hangs around him, he seems peaceful. The morning sun is brutal, but Calvin continues to lie in the blinding brightness that escapes the curtains. Calvin. Our sunshine.

Father, Mother, and I have locked our gazes on the boy. If our thoughts could be heard, Calvin would hear us saying, “Our last day with you. Last day.” The words marshal years and years of memories. Memories that make us smile. Memories that make us feel thankful. Memories that make us cry.

And we face the inevitable question — Will the memories perish along with Calvin?

I lie beside him, with my arms around his weak body. He still tries to wag his tail. Dogs. I think of Father, who reluctantly left to work, for he’s weighed down with the knowledge that he will not see Calvin…

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