The Queen of the North

game-of-thrones-season-6-trailer-mainArising from the darkness
This Stark is standing proud.
No longer in the shadows,
Bloodied but unbowed

She’s survived her trial
By small men, claiming to be king
From Joffrey’s brand of torture
To Ramsay’s poor plaything

The cuts and bruises that they made
Left scars upon her skin
But left a different mark
On the tougher stuff within

Now having raised her banners
Once more o’er where she’d dwell
She stands behind another,
The Lord of Winterfell

The North has finally rallied
And bent its knee to Jon
But questions still remain
About which way the Vale has gone

The way that Baelish looks at her
Leaves her in no doubt
He knows the chaos ladder –
Sees her as his way out

But Petyr’s made his promises
To Cersei in King’s Landing
To behead our dearest Sansa
And not to leave her standing

Sansa doesn’t trust him
But doesn’t know his plans
Will she risk her lot –
Put her fate within his hands?

What does this mean for House Stark?
What chaos will spring forth?
Tricky times ahead, for our
New Queen of the North


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Picture sourced from: (from Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer)