Welcome to the Table: August/Sept Letter from the Editor

I can’t think of a better way to close out the family-themed month than to thank the OTV readership. You are an incredible, supportive group who have come together voluntarily to create the best kind of family-one that thrives beyond blood and obligation.

As to the artists, this theme was so profound it surpassed its deadline and spread into the themes of culture and identity, spanning three months in place of two. Who we claim as family and why is the setting of our culture and the seating of our selves. Each person we choose in our lives says something about who we are. The OTV table is very full of savory morsels when it comes to this sharing.

I look forward to the continued co-creation of family in these virtual walls as well as on its pages. Thank you for joining us with your art or your eyes. You are most welcome at the OTV family table. Take a seat. Enjoy.


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Writer, coach, consultant, mother, #LinkYourLife, #SurviveYourStory.

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