Month: September 2016

Commons, What Isn’t Seen

Commons Bumping under clouds. Co-pilot trainee alternates between tracing paths on a rudimentary flight map and pointing ahead past the gimmick of the spinning wing. We begin our descent into light and Boston unfurls below: and there is Logan, and there Fenway. Rows and blocks of old sepia downtown surrounded brownstones strain against the new …

Neither Selfish or Selfless – Only Loving

Selfishness is wrong and right. In America, this is what we learn from a young age. Go to a church to find a healthy dose of selflessness. Then read Ayn Rand to find selfishness recommended.
So on the one hand, I should appear to be Mother Theresa. On the other, I’m meant to let the weak die and strong survive. It’s best to be strong. I should do my best to earn as much value as I can, pay lip service to charity, and secure well past the American Dream.
Since I’m a woman, I get to do this while smiling and wearing heels.