The Heart of OTV is Support for Its Artists and WE NEED YOU

Open Thought Vortex is more than its artists. OTV is about the readers who show up every day, every like, every comment and every contribution of love. 

Since its inception, OTV has been funded out-of-pocked by Shareen, the founder and publisher. Shareen’s passion for supporting artists and art has resulted in multiple recognitions by WordPress and worldwide regular readership in just one year of focused effort.

It has always been Shareen’s goal to create a self-sustaining safe space for artists. You can be part of securing that future for OTV with a contribution of only $1 per month. If you enjoy the work you find here, please stop in and pledge your $1 contribution on the Open Thought Vortex Patreon page

There, you will find our current goals. They include:

  1. cover the costs associated with artists
  2. double the amount we are able to pay artists
  3. triple the amount we are able to pay artists
  4. create a growing bank for the OTV Artist-in-Residence

The end game is to reward artists with the pay they deserve. Please stop in and make your pledge today. You are deeply appreciated.


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Writer, coach, consultant, mother, #LinkYourLife, #SurviveYourStory.

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