#WeekendCoffeeShare -Real Talk Soup

Hopefully, you have all  figured out by now I’m not one who typically writes from prompts, I’m enjoying what you’ve shared. Sometimes I’m crying, sometimes laughing, but all the while it’s certain I’m being touched by your words.

“Thank you” is not enough.

If we were having coffee I’d share what I’m most proud of! I’m proud of you! Full of joy! . . . and I have a great deal of pride in my cooking. Feels like a natural thing to share.

I’ll keep this short and share two recipes that warm me, comfort me, soothe me, and please me while leaving me satisfied whilst leaving me craving for more!

You are all pure joy. You’ve saved me in countless ways. I hope you enjoy these recipes. A meager, unworthy gesture as a reflection of what you’ve all given me. I wish you more. Just more of everything that’s good. I hope you continue to  fill your lives with inspiration, compassion & conquer anything in your path by sharing your light through your words, art, song and voices.

You each fulfill so much each day. Incrediblely it’s truely chemistry within our ranks.

Thanks for that.  Here’s two delicious recipes!

 Fisehatak-(Arabic Toast which means “to your health” . . . I think!!😂💋🎉

Earl Grey Lavender Latte Vanilla  aka London Fog

Grab Your Favorite 16 oz. or larger coffee mug ! Be sure it’s  one that makes you feel toasty & just feels good to drink out of or hold.  Nestle this mug. Please use milk alternative as needed. You can use a vanilla flavor because it will be needed. You will sweeten if you wish. I prefer my London Fog sweet and very fragrant.

Hot water boiled legit. Call @TomAngel or Adele. Hell, call Kit Harrington. Jon Snow (R+L=J) may know nothing but I bet he can prep a proper tea.

6 oz. Fat Free Milk 

1-2 oz Whip Cream 

6 oz. hot water 

Sweetener of choice. You can select a vanilla flavor . I prefer to use Cappuccino Vanilla Latte powder. However, this is an expensive restaurant wholesale item that I can get because I used to own a bar. Feel free to select your own vanilla alternative.

One of the things I like to do is add vanilla to heavy whip cream, add sweetener then whip into a cream adding vanilla powder or extract-Hell, if you want to go super gourmet add some Fresh Vanilla bean. I encourage you to get fresh vanilla because I’ll share my Rose Water Creme Brûlée recipe if you request in the comments.

These ingredients? I suggest you buy them in larger sizes for that creme brûlée.

Earl Grey Tea. I use a loose-leaf lavender infused tea that I buy per pound at our local tea shop Chelmsford Tea or The Spice Merchant. There are numerous pre-made tea bags you can use. I love Twinings . I love  Tazo Tea. If you can’t find Lavender Earl Grey that’s a bummer but it’s still amazing it just won’t be lavender tea infused. Still fragrant & worth it.

So brew , steep etc. then steam 6oz of milk for latte into your favorite  mug. Combine & enjoy.  Then get cozy and let me know if you love it or hate it or its “meh”!

 Shareen’s Tomato Soup Recipe

This will make you glow..it can be organic, fresh from garden, or out of the can. You do you, Boo! It can cost $10 or $35. Depends on you.

Serves 12

Add up the ounces & figure up the serving size. Friendly tip, use a calculator . Learn how many ounces in a cup. Tablespoons per cup & other household measurements. It’s like health class or cooking with anyone expect your mother who just guesses.

So start here:

28 oz Stewed & Crushed Tomato-If you’re a super mom, find a recipe online, harvest some tomatoes from the vine & make some from scratch. Alternatively, use you can just grab 28oz can of crushed tomato- again you do you boo…buy organic cans if it helps 😉!

6oz. Tomato Paste (see notes above for alternatives)

1 cup Water-I prefer filtered water so I use bottled or I use my Brita filtered pitcher . I recently paid $49.99 plus tax at Starbucks for a Swell + bottle. Proceeds go to a non-profit that helps  globally to bring clean, filtered water to communities in need. I really hope we work on our nations water issues like helping those in Flint, Michigan.  We should continue to be generous to  nations but also focus on self-care as a country. Let’s work on our society from the inside out. We will be better human beings worthy of this earth if we start with caring.

2 cups Heavy Cream-Use a milk alternative if you need to. It may be less creamy but will still be delicious. It’s ok to get sweetened alternative on this one.  I have found that if you use say coconut cream or soy it’s pretty great. Just not flavored with vanilla or almond. I’ve found that using a coffee creamer as the substitute for the heavy cream is doable.  The consistency works well.

2 tsp. Dried Dill-As you know fresh dill has a different measurement so if you choose fresh dill look up the details. I’m not that motivated to share this recipe.

1 tsp. Garlic Powder-I tried this with fresh garlic & didn’t love it. This one is on you as it has been from the start yet I’ll chime in two cents -go for powder.

Salt & Pepper to taste 

Sweetener of choice -Preferably granulated sugar but agave can work. Honey is terrible. I use 100% sugar cubes. I love buying sugar cubes  because I end up having a Lavender Tea Latte.  Sugar cubes are fun for tea parties. Even grown ups hanging out playing Cards Against Humanity love them on adult night. This ingredient you add to taste like Salt & Pepper. We like ours sweet which is why a sweetened milk /cream alternative works. Just don’t overdo it.  You can lower the calorie content by switching to skim or low fat but you might as well be adding water if you do that.


Put all the ingredients in a large beautiful pot. Please, seriously get rid of Teflon when you can afford to. Buy new set at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Hit up the thrift shop in the affluent area of town. You’ll find great second-hand kitchen items. Go garage sale shopping but please get rid of Teflon relatively soon. If there is any sign of chipping Teflon coating –trash it. It is carcinogenic i.e. scientifically shown as a link to cancer. Not worth it. Scrubbing a pan a little more is better than the added risk of cancer.

Bring to a boil while whisking. You don’t want it to stick so whisk consistently till it boils. Reduce heat, simmer for 10 min. I don’t cover because I keep whisking .

Serve hot with croutons or sourdough. Get it freshly sliced. Splurge on some lovely butter of a dash of olive oil & toast it!

I hope you enjoy! It’s the closest thing to Lebanese hospitality I can give you virtually. As Shawna said in a previous post on The Honeyed Quill, we are planning two #LinkYourLife events on two continents. Breaking bread with you will be a dream.

Till then, I hope these recipes find you well. I’ll share more of my mom’s Lebanese recipes in the future. Comfort food is something I love which is why when Shawna wrote my bio the “cooks better than your mom” was included. She just quoted me being a smart ass plus it’s 100% true. I do love to cook, just not  better than my mom but surely I beat Party Mom.


Shareen Ayoub Mansfield

P.S. Thanks to @Parttimemonster for her #WeekendCoffeeShare.


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