more than man can understand, She clicked her heels and closed her eyes

by John Reinhart

more than man can understand

only a dog can understand
how it is possible
to remain entirely loyal,
from whipping tail to fierce bark,
and yet fall completely 
in love
again and again

the thrill
is in the creative act,
simply imagining the flutter,
the warmth at the sight
of her eyes across the room

like a dream
that in waking 
is more vibrant than life
- just as fulfilling;
the impossible is waiting
patiently in cobwebbed corners,
waiting to be seen

waiting for the familiar jingle
of a leash or rattle
of a dish or whistle

wind up the tail and let it fly
in exuberance, set to hover
an extra foot off the ground

she clicked her heels

An arsonist by trade, John Reinhart lives on a farmlette in Colorado with his wife and children. The 2016 recipient of the Horror Writers Dark Poetry Scholarship, he is a frequent contributor to the Songs of Eretz Review. His chapbook, “encircled,” is out from Prolific Press More of his work is available at Patreon and Facebook.