Book Review: Drake and the Fliers written by Allison Maruska

Review by Noah Ainslie

The story is about a virus that infected everyone in the world and killed everyone who was twenty or older or was not going through puberty. I thought the title, Drake and the Fliers, was interesting. It pulled me in. I wanted to know what “fliers” meant.

*spoilers ahead*

I learned the answer quickly. Early the second morning in this story, the main character, Drake, wakes up and is really warm and is a dragon. He learns that he can fly. Later in the book he meets other people and joins their group. They can all transform into something that can fly, too.

I liked the part where Drake first turned into a dragon because dragons are cool. I also liked when he met Preston, the first friend he made in the book. Preston turns into a phoenix. Drake and Preston travel together most of the time.

My reading experience was amazing. I finished Drake and the Fliers in around three to four hours altogether because it was so good I didn’t want to stop reading. Of course, I did because I was on a car ride and reading in a car for too long makes you sick.

This book has some more mature content. It is geared toward teens. I would suggest that you be ten like me, or older if you’re going to read this book. Drake and the Fliers has love, friendship, action and a bit of gore.

I would love to read more books by this author. She definitely has strong writing skills. What I want most is for this to be a series. It would be a very good series for sure. Drake and the Fliers was the best book I ever read! It had a really good storyline, but I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to spoil it.

That is all I have for this book review, but if Allison Maruska makes Drake and the Fliers a series, I will review all the books.

Noah Ainslie is ten years old and lives with his family in Bloomington, IN. This is the second time his work has appeared on Open Thought Vortex in the Youth Voices column. He is currently raising money for an Autism Service Dog. Click here to support Noah


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Shawna is a writer and in Bloomington, IN with an MFA from Indiana University. Her work most frequently addresses issues associated with survivorship. Some of her published writing can be found in The Manifest-Station, HuffPo, Sacred & Subversive, Exit 7, [wherever], and Role Reboot. She writes most regularly on Steemit and her personal site, The Honeyed Quill. Shawna is the creator of #LinkYourLife, the compassion-based community for artists and survivors on Twitter and Facebook. She is Editor-in-Chief for The Relationship Blogger, a site dedicated to mental health, relationships and their intersections. She teaches writing locally as well as online through the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Drake and the Fliers written by Allison Maruska

  1. What a great review, Noah. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book. I’m sure Allison will find your review encouraging. I wonder if you’ll convince her to write more in the series. 🙂


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