Meet OTV’s Team Wizard Raymond Baxter & Relationship Blogger

Raymond Baxter. You are probably wondering why you know that name. This is why: He’s everywhere. Seriously, this man is a wizard, which is why we asked him please pretty please to make himself our wizard.

“OTV Wizard?” he said. “Jolly good.” And you know what, he’s not even British. He only said it like he was because he has seen how Shareen fawns over Tom Angel aka @TomAngel1, and he thought she could use a little pick-me-up. It worked. She even has fan shirts for both of them. (Sidenote: She’s certain she will die waiting for release of Tom’s book and for Raymond’s first relationship wizarding column on OTV.)

Raymond Baxter is a true gentleman and a be real Scotsman living in the UK with an amazing wife and a son that rivals Shareen’s kids in cuteness. (But not Shawna’s. She’s writing this bio and would like you to know she has no bias at all but her kids are the cutest.) When he isn’t cooking, cleaning and parenting, Raymond is writing, designing and being real with a Scottish accent. Accent fetish-ests (like Shareen) faint when he walks by working the brogue. He catches them all, James Bond style.

In addition to preventing heads from hitting the sidewalk, he prevents hearts from hitting the wall during his day job as The Relationship Blogger. Raymond uses his fingertip fists to hammer out the (unwanted) kinks in relationships, and he does it with open-hearted kindness. We hope you enjoy his presence here as much as we do. Be sure to tune into his writing and admire his Pinterest graphics. And don’t forget to head over to his site  or follow him on Twitter as @freetodate1 for some relationship healing. By the way, he’s not free to date. Shareen checked.

Finally, Shareen requested it be added that she has no shame when saying that Tom Angel has hero hair and Raymond’s smile is swoon-worthy. She is hoping that when she faints both men will rescue her, and you better bet she is planning on fainting. She also wants added she has no problem admitting to you that she’s the #1 fan girl club president of the Writers Crush Fan Club. If you’d like to join the club, let her know. But most of all, read Raymond.


12 thoughts on “Meet OTV’s Team Wizard Raymond Baxter & Relationship Blogger

  1. Well, I’m seriously honoured to be mentioned not once, but twice. I mat even have to get the hero hair dry-cleaned ready for publication – that’s the novel, not the hair, I’m not publishing that

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