June Survival Issue: A Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

When we put out our call for submissions on the theme of survival, we were inundated. Shareen gave you a preview on Monday of what this month will be about. We have an array of voices on diverse topics including ability, rape, parenting, as well as an interesting look into humanity and origin.

We couldn’t be more excited to offer you access to this body of work. The writing we have selected to populate this issue has an unerring depth. We believe this issue will change you. You will grow stronger through reading these voices.

Survival may seem like a theme rife with negativity. The truth is far different. Survival is the positive flip to victimization. It is persistence, strength and self-love in practise. We become survivors when we choose to care for ourselves, when we say no, I did not deserve this and it will not happen anymore.

Still, surviving is a tricky business. Often, we don’t truly begin to do it without support–someone to shine a nonjudgmental light on our darkness so we can see ourselves as we are. But community can be hard to come by when trauma or difference has isolated us. It feels unfair to ask for help or love or simply to be seen. To our survivors in this issue: We see you. We offer you love. We hear you. And we are proud to stand with you as tell your stories and support you on these pages.

OTV has an incredible readership. We hope our readers will also choose to stand with these writers. We encourage you to speak up this month as our artists one by one offer up their vulnerabilities. Be the community we all need. That is what Shareen has sought to establish with OTV, and so far that dream is a gratifying reality.