Read Shareen on Role Reboot: An Open Letter to Donald J Trump 

Dear Readers,

When I started this site, my voice was the only one here. My dream has always been to provide a space where others can be showcased. New writers, established, youth–I wanted to create a safe place for voices to be raised. Your voices. Since its inception, OTV has evolved and, if you look, you won’t  find my voice as often on these pages. I have said this before: Open Thought Vortex is not about me. I choose not to publish most of my work here because this is your space. I’m just holding it for you.

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In fact, I often choose not to publish at all even though I was a journalist first. It was my journalism background that made me speak up about Trump. I am afraid of what America will become if he is elected President. I am afraid because I have worked in media for years. I know how rhetoric works. I am afraid because I am an American Muslim of Arab descent.


Dear Mr. Trump

When my son heard Trump’s rhetoric, he said he wanted me to get baptized so that I would be safe. I couldn’t let that statement pass without addressing it publicly. OTV is a safe space for all genders, all religious beliefs, all voices that are raised without intent to harm. That is what America should be.

If Donald Trump is elected our leader, America cannot be the safe place.

I wrote Mr. Trump a letter. I chose not to publish it here. This place is for you. But I would love to share this letter with you. It suits our June theme: survival. You will see more takes on survival as the month progresses. We have an amazing lineup of talent. If you would like to read my work, you can find the link below.

First, I have something more to say.

This Memorial Day, remember what our forefathers went through to create this nation. Remember the loss of life of so many soldiers & allied soldiers. Honor their memories. Honor their service. Honor their bravery & commitment to secure this land.

Remember: This land is your land. This land is my land. This land IS made for you & me. When you salute the troops, vets & anyone other loved one who has passed this Memorial Day, remember that Love is the only way to Salvation. Remember that people far braver  than I could EVER even wish to be lost their lives or suffer the trauma of war to secure the liberties of freedom.

Remember those who died all around the world because of rhetoric. Trump is using rhetoric to divide us .It seems he is succeeding .

He will leads us to war with no diplomatic relations to sustain us. I’ve never spoken or denounced a candidate till this election. This is getting ugly. It’s going to get uglier & all the lives lost to gain our freedom as a nation, the allies we supported, nations we fought side by side with may turn against us.

We will never be conquered by any other nation, but we may divide ourselves like we did during the Civil War. Educate yourselves on the election process & realize your vote will count.

Much love & respect from all of us at Open Thought Vortex. Let us never get stuck in the endless pit of nothing. Let us rise through the Vortex . Let us stand united.

Click here to read “Dear Mr. Trump: I Am An American Muslim” on Role Reboot.


6 thoughts on “Read Shareen on Role Reboot: An Open Letter to Donald J Trump 

  1. I remember when I was in elementary school learning about propaganda and how Russia uses it to control their people. As the teacher was speaking, Spirit whispered in my ear that the United States also does this and not to be fooled.

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    1. I have a short poem that was written about that era and propaganda . My father in law wrote it about those bomb drills. Rhetoric is very alive –the press conference and the alternative facts is scary. I believe a tweet was sent out by Trump saying where were you all on Election Day. The FACT is they did vote. Many who marched voted for him. That tweet is a lie and mis-direct. The popular vote does Reflect those millions who marched . It was a global act . He declared “war” on the media . Is concerned about his inauguration attendance . He’s the president now. I want to see him succeed . I need to see he’s serious! He’s thinking of moving the White House press core out of White House…. that means he doesn’t want anyone watching


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