How Art Brings Me Joy

Art brings me joy because it allows for me to feel every emotion I need to feel – ultimately creating resolve; which in turn permits me to feel happiness when it is in fact being felt.

Art – the window into the artist’s emotions,
allowing us to see what a tree is to you,
what colour your mind wishes to paint the oceans,
as not everyone sees the waves in cobalt blue.

Apples for faces, melting clocks and flying goats,
the joy of art is in creating a new view,
dreams made reality as mountains become boats,
the brain being allowed to happily construe.

Art brings joy when a loved one is made immortal,
or a favourite place is memorialised,
entering the image as if through a portal,
your world becomes visually personalized.

Laughter, pleasure, tears, disgust and indifference,
so much can be realised within expression,
documentation of human deliverance,
existence emerges through the ultimate confession.

Charlotte Farhan is a mental health activist who advocates through art. She runs the nonprofit Art Saves Lives International and is most likely being snuggled by her future service animal, Amadeus.

Image, “Laughter”, created by the author.


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