Review: Liquid Matte Lipstick

by Sarah Ayoub

In the Ten Commandments of Slaying, I am quite positive that wearing lipstick falls in the top five. I mean seriously, naked lips and nude lips are not the same thing, ever. At all. 

How do I fearlessly enter the world with bold colors on my lips? I wear liquid matte lipstick, of course. And you should too! I am a proud collector of way too many types of lipstick, but I have come to find that when I want my lips to be flawless and functional through a work day WHILE staying hydrated (with a straw – don’t be crazy here), I choose one of my liquid matte buddies.


My favorite brand is Meet Matte Hughes by The Balm, but in all honesty I tend to buy more of the NYX brand because of the massive color range and more affordable price. This type of lipstick goes on as a liquid but dries matte, which to me is the equivalent of magic. 


Here is the key to liquid matte lipstick application. First, keep those lips moisturized and use a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub that top layer of dry skin off the lips. 


Next, line or don’t line, but apply with at least some precision either way. I almost never use liner for the record. 


Last, apply no more than 2 coats and be patient for it to dry. And for the love of all things holy, NEVER rub your lips together out of some old strange habit. It will destroy the smooth layers that should be admired and envied in approximately 15-30 seconds. Good news! If you get out of the natural line of your lips, you can easily correct it with concealer and a harder bristled concealer brush. Phew! 


And another little trick… If you want some color dimension to make your lips look plumper, add a lighter color right to the middle of the plumpest part of your top and bottom lips and blend a little before it dries. This will pull the light towards that center area more and give the illusion that this part of the lip pops further out than it really might. Cool. 

So there it is, my not-so-secret secret. Feel free to try it, love it, and share it! 

Sarah Ayoub is a pastry witch living with the two three other generations of her matrilineal line in Carmel, IN. Her home accommodates several cats and modern brooms (aka vacuum cleaners) as well as her husband and ceremonial advisor. 

Selfies captured by the author.

review liquid matte lipstick

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