Tiny Penis Syndrome

I’ve never been bothered with body image. I’ve been lucky when the powers that be were dishing out bodies. I’m 6ft 2″, with green eyes and dark hair. And I have a strrrrrong Scottish accent (I roll my “r’s” too! Yup, I do!) I didn’t even know men had a problem with weight until fairly recently. That’s not to say that I haven’t been overweight. I am now, I’m quite large now. But, I’m happily married with a wife and son that love me so it doesn’t bother me. . . too much.

I think when it comes to men our biggest bodily shame is our penises. Yup, these are our little members that tell us whether we’re men or not. You might think this sounds daft, right? But picture us in the school changing rooms when the guys with the humongous willies have them out, slapping their friends with them, laughing and giggling, and making us smaller lads, feel, umm, slightly inadequate. You’ll never find a guy that can’t relate to this. (If you do, these guys have BIG ones!) Still, it’s a trend.

And once we put up with that, then at some point or another we’ll be  introduced to porn. And guess what? Even more big willies! And if you’re a guy with an average sized penis, like most of you are, you’ll be walking around feeling like something isn’t right. To compensate for the inadequacy you’ll laugh with your mates, telling them that theirs are smaller than yours and vice versa – it will be a bum fight to own willy supremacy, unless someone gets it out of course, and yup, good luck with that one!

Truth be told women don’t really care about the size of our members; as long as it flicks a switch inside and you learn how to work that magic, then viola. Who cares right?

Sadly, men still do. Many men, a ton of men.

Guess what – those guys in the changing room, it was only one or two, right? And porn, that isn’t real. You aren’t ever going to get a real women to do that kind of stuff. So why care?

A brilliant film (one that I love) is What Women Want. In it, an overtly masculine man is able to listen to the thoughts of women… aaaand they aren’t what he expected!

But that aside, you need to learn to make peace with your member down below. You can’t change him and ignore the TV or the newspapers or whatever it is that’s telling you differently. Your willy is fine; she’ll love it. Learn what makes her work and there will be nothing to worry about.

Don’t be getting it out with your friends to prove a point. Just because you have a big willy doesn’t mean that you’re automatically awesome! Trust me, it’s the personality that makes the man – nothing else. Just be yourself, and if you’re a man worrying about your willy size like I did for almost 27 years of my life. Don’t. Because more than likely it’s average and no-one will care.

Hope this helps a few guys out there!



Raymond Baxter is a relationship writer dedicated to the bettering his knowledge on the human condition. He’s been online since 1996, which makes elevates his status to internet demi-god. Find more from Raymond on his self-titled site, The Relationship Blogger.

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tiny penis syndrome



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I'm a man that's been through the pitfalls and elations of relationships in my ever growing quest to better my knowledge in the human condition. I've been in the game and around the Internet since 1996 and surprisingly I'm still using it today. I've definitely found myself in some weird and wonderful places and I hope to share all of this with you lucky people. I absolutely love writing about empowerment and pride myself on my ethical stance in life. I am a social-anarchist, firmly believe in community and helping others. I am branching out to the Internet to make this happen

12 thoughts on “Tiny Penis Syndrome

  1. Omg! I HAD to Comment here. This is something I as a female can definitely understand. It must be such pressure to have a ginormous weenie! I have a preference for large members, but I end up shying away from men with them usually because when they want to go all freaky-deak with them, I have to be the one to take it all, or I’m not good at sex! You’re definitely right, it’s SO not about size. It is definitely about the mind powering that jackhammer. If I end up getting a guy with a huge dong, I wasn’t him to care about my pleasure and an emotional connection with me, NOT turning our sexual interaction into a contest to see how much of it he can cram into me until I beat him back off me for being an ass, or how many ways he can fold me up! It’s about how a guy uses what he’s got-I’ve met some insensitive idiots in my day that I never spoke to again, no matter how much I loved the sex. Please just use what you’ve got, men, us ladies want YOU, not necessarily your stuff!

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  2. I set up my best friend with an amazing guy. They got along famously but she kept going on and on “what if he has a small penis”. Firstly, shut the fuck up. Are you really that shallow? You can’t imagine ANY workaround for that? An amazing guy, fucking incredible, honest and wonderful dude, you’re going to throw it away because of this?

    What happened to love?

    Anyone who can’t see a workaround with a man they love who has a small penis, has a real problem.
    Of course, people aren’t sleeping with who they love, they are just sleeping with anyone.

    Mmmmm herpes.

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    1. This is too true! I haven’t met many women that have said “the bigger the better, com’on, split me in half dude” one or two in my life, in my younger years, perhaps 🙂

      I bet they’re not whistling that same tune now! Haha 🙂

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  3. The whole debate seems humorous to me. An older friend once told me, ” Don’t worry about it, as you age, the naughty bits rot off first.” Then, also, it’s like who cares about the size or quality or what one does with the ‘plumbing.’ Relationships are the meat, potatoes, and dessert in life. Hopefully one day, I will learn proper etiquette for a good , several course dining experience. All the best. What a fun site!

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    1. Haha. You’re totally right there my friend. Some relationships are sexless, but they still have to live together, right?

      Sex is only a small part of a relationship. Whilst I admit it’s awesome – I doubt I’ll be going at it like the clappers when I’m 60!

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  4. I love your articles. Thanks for being honest. I married my high-school sweetheart 26 years ago at age 18. The only man I’ve ever been with. I’ve never thought about size. I never understood why he would ask me. I now realize that this is men’s “body slamming ” how awful! I am so sorry. I’ve never laughed or joked. I’ve never belittled it, but I never went out of my way to make him feel good about his size (because frankly it doesn’t matter to me.) I’ve seen woman’s toys and he claims these are average qsize, then man he’s got NOTHING to be ashamed of, NOTHING!!!! If size mattered, I wouldn’t be able to walk….hmm maybe that is my back and hip problems????
    but thank you for opening my eyes to the “bigger” picture.

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