To watch a baby laugh
Is to see all the hope of 
the universe
It sets everything to rights
Reminds me of all the good
	that is possible

There is a certain satisfaction
To hear laughter or giggles
	in the other room
Knowing that person you love
Is present, is there, is alive
	is in your life

On the hard days when
Stuck in memories and missing
	there is that moment
When you recall the best times
And you burst out laughing
	remembering the good

The tears are necessary
To cleanse the soul
	with no shame
But laughter is its own medicine
The ability to push forward
	to a future

Laugh for the ancestors 
Who have gone on ahead
	but left us stories
Laugh for the grandchildren
Who will know enough sorrow
	but still see the sun

Laugh for the pure music
Created by this simple 
	Spontaneous sound
Laugh for the air that
Fills your lungs
	with joy

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artist, art historian, culture critic, editor, healer, poet, writer, a force of nature

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