A Letter from the Editor: Laughter

If you’ve ever read the OTV bios you know that we are big fans of the light-hearted. Open Thought Vortex is home to heavy subjects, but it is also home to joy, lightness and the compassionate acceptance that comes being human. We are humans at our apex on the page every day.

This month not every piece you will read will make you smile, but the majority will. I learned from a writing mentor that we get to choose what we share, curate our lives, and that turning to joy is a must when you write on the topics I do: fear, sadness, survival. She requested a personal essay from me. I sat down to write it and found it re-ignited more thank just joy (I was in a very dark place); it jump-started my writer mind and pushed me like a creative whirlwind. That is appropriate considering that as OTV finds its final form, we feel the pull of the vortex more and more.

Shareen and I are ready to celebrate. OTV keeps growing. What we are building will be a lasting legacy for anyone who needs a hub, whether to smile, to learn, or to find solidarity.

We are growing because you keep showing up. So, consider this month a gift to you. And check out tomorrow’s post on how to get a cash gift. We are also celebrating #LinkYourLife’s birthday. Party on!

Image credit: Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas captured by Unknown


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Writer, coach, consultant, mother, #LinkYourLife, #SurviveYourStory.

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