Paths not yet taken


leeleewhite the cinderella blogger

I got up feeling off kilter and my spirit was restless. I missed my family who made the transition from this life and so this piece was written for them ( MY ANCESTORS)


I beckon you all to come sit with me
I’ve put up lights in the hopes they would guide you to pay me a visit
There is a longing to connect again I thirst for contact
I want to walk the paths you’ve taken
But I hear you all saying “not yet”
How is it there? Do you miss me?
I’m married now, I am almost a generation
I force myself to not forget the lines of you’ll faces
I close my eyes and quiet my spirit just to remember your voices
The precise phrases,tones and decibel levels

Flowers arranged in a vase, a mirror is placed at the corner, a jar of water, incense burns and…

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