The Feast of The Fools

#MustRead…poetry magic

The Lithium Chronicles


I heard your siren call,

and I calmed my wolves.

Their great paws unleashing claws

on the earth, biding their time, scratching

their vengeance. My pack is fierce,

and hungry.

They feast on the lies

of the self-righteous.

They eat the dreams

of the sanctimonious.

And they swallow the pride

of the selfish.

Yes, we heard your siren call,

and we’re coming for dinner.

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22 thoughts on “The Feast of The Fools

  1. I am just reading these amazing comments now. Thank you all so very much for your kind words.

    Shareen, I can’t thank you enough for your continuous support and your beautiful friendship. I am awed right now.


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    1. Nicole, You know that bring you such power with your words . You never take that for granted. I am the one who is always inspired by you. ❤️…you’re truly amazing! You have this ability to connect organically with so many people. You my dear, are a 💎. Absolutely, love you!

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