I’m losing my mind folks! Losing it. I might actually spontaneously combust.

Let me count the Ways…



afraid, agitated, annoyed, apprehensive, basket case, bothered, concerned, distressed, disturbed, edgy, excitable, fidgety, fitful, flustered, fussy*, hesitant, high-strung, hysterical, irritable, jittery, jumpy, nervy, neurotic, on edge, overwrought, querulous, restive, ruffled, sensitive, shaky*, shrinking, shy, skittish, snappish, solicitous, spooked, taut, tense, timid, timorous, troubled, twitchy, uneasy, unrestful, unstrung, upset, uptight, volatile, weak, wired, worried …….

Shareen Mansfield


20 thoughts on “Combustion 

    1. Most definitely helps to use words to let out the steam & move on. Thanks Norah! Moving is so stressful coupled with my husband severely injuring his back on the first day of the move. I slept in today. Got my lashes done & a massage. I’m all good!

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