Meet OTV Beauty Squad Leader Sarah Ayoub

Sarah Ayoub has finally hit thirty and dirty. In celebration, she is heading up the new OTV Beauty Squad to talk makeup and style (and it’ll all be worthwhile). Aside from being old and married, Sarah birthed a daughter nearly four years ago, and has been running a bakery for six. Clearly she can do it all and does, and always with a cute hairdo.

When she’s not learning a proper cat eye from her Shopkin-obsessed daughter, Sarah enjoys rereading the Harry Potter series, listening to every audio book ever recorded, and long walks on the beach or anywhere else she can take copious amounts of selfies. Hey you! Get out of her light! True story, she has amassed a selfie following of apoplectic fans who cheer her every instagrammed expression. She’s the girl on fire. Minus Jennifer Lawrence and the fire.

On beauty, she says, “My makeup products I cannot live without are dip brow and liquid matte lipstick.” We would never expect anything less. Fact: “Sarah” means “princess” (#BetterThanKate). Bow low before her highness. Bow lower. Now grovel. Now take her advice, go forth and be beautiful.


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Shawna is a writer and in Bloomington, IN with an MFA from Indiana University. Her work most frequently addresses issues associated with survivorship. Some of her published writing can be found in The Manifest-Station, HuffPo, Sacred & Subversive, Exit 7, [wherever], and Role Reboot. She writes most regularly on Steemit and her personal site, The Honeyed Quill. Shawna is the creator of #LinkYourLife, the compassion-based community for artists and survivors on Twitter and Facebook. She is Editor-in-Chief for The Relationship Blogger, a site dedicated to mental health, relationships and their intersections. She teaches writing locally as well as online through the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing.

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