#ReturnOfTheKings & Misogyny : Empowering Women

“Return of The Kings”
proudly proclaim

raping women in private
is acceptable.

And yet they are scared.
Fearful of public response.

Shame wrapped in smug clothes.
The Return of Kings?

Men’s rights activists? Really?
What a fucking joke.






*Author Wishes to remain anonymous. *
Please note the context of this poem is related to the specific group listed.



5 thoughts on “#ReturnOfTheKings & Misogyny : Empowering Women

    1. I agree. If you read my Survival letter from publisher you will read me stating that I have seen rape happen to men, women, children …no one is exempt & #yesallgenders is our philosophy . Our team is compromised of people from all walks of life. We are trying to show that united we can change the world . Thanks for reading

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    2. When this published there was a huge Twitter attack campaign against the author who was discussing her own private issues & specific experience with a group. The proceeded to bombard us with hate. It finally came to an end when I contacted the man leading the charge & we had a conversation. Turns out he was shutting rape advocates down but had initially been offended. After a discussion he promised to let me know next time something like this happened because he is right. Not all rape is gender or class. Men get accused of rape that are innocent . That’s a fact but women still get shamed for reporting it & so I can only imagine men not reporting it. Imagine that shame? You’ve just given me a writing prompt. Thank you. I’ll dedicate this one to you. Email me Shareen.Mansfield@icloud.com

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      1. Good on you for being the adult and talking it out instead of engaging in the battle! I know the shame, not necessarily of being raped, but of other things that would lead to social castration if they were known at the time. I’ve since gotten over them, and accepted them, so the power is missing, but I’ve been there.

        I’m sincerely touched that you would dedicate a prompt to me. Thank you!

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      2. As the publisher & ultimately the one responsible for what’s published its my duty to remain as objective as possible. This means truth. I have to be fair because someone has to. I worked as a journalist long enough to know that I couldn’t tell the real story unless the publication was my responsibility. Thankfully, I have an amazing Team & Editor who curate these pages & share their experiences. I found that the battle wasn’t worth a war. Going to the person who was impacted enough to start a Twitter battle told me I needed to hear what he said. I was happy to do so be shaw he was articulate & wrote me with utmost respect. I had to listen because his approach was hostile but intentions good.


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