A Letter From the Publisher: Body Image

Everywhere I look there seems to be a focus on physical perfection. It is unrealistic. We can’t all take Accutane. We can’t all cut carbs. We can’t all control our access to food.

What happens when we look different than the norm? Fat shaming, skinny shaming, labels, self-harm, hurt. It has to stop. Every body is as unique as the person inside it.

I’d like everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. The first step is raising awareness.

This month I invited an amazing collection of writers to step to the Verge and talk about body image, what it means to them. I hope you will chime in, comment. Your voice is as important as any voice here. 

Thank you for stopping Open Thought Vortex. I hope you will find yourself here.


Shareen Mansfield


Background image credit: “Bodies” captured by Corinna C.