If I Was Gay

I love this woman & her insightful writing #mustread

Skinny and Single

If I Was Gay FIf I was gay, I’d want you to know that I’m not doing this for attention or because it’s trendy.

I’m not doing this temporarily because someone hurt me.

I’m not doing this to upset or hurt you.

I’m not even thinking of you.

I’m thinking of finding happiness.

I’m thinking of getting through my day without assholes.

I’m thinking of ways to survive in this shit-hole world.

Now let’s suppose I actually was gay and behaved like the idiot rednecks, I would:

Make sure you cannot share your employment benefits with your live-in hillbilly cousin.

Fight to change the rules of marriage and no longer allow straight people to wed.

Band together and find straight guys to drag behind my truck.

Stone straight people and leave them in pools of blood.

Actually, If I WAS gay, I would be the same person. I don’t deliberately hurt people because of…

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