In Which I Attempt Aerial Silks

Alternative title: I’m upside down, legs over my head, holding onto my pointed toes, noggin mere inches from the floor, supported only by the silks crossed and tied behind my back. 

I run my hands down the strands of silk before reaching up and wrapping it slowly around my arms, grasping it tightly after two turns, with a deep breath I bring my legs up and lean back, stopping as my knees reach my chest. Gently swaying while wrapped in a ball shape. A comforting shape. Trusting myself to hold the pose.

Trusting myself.

And knowing my limits.

This is my first Aerial Silks class and what I am quickly learning is that I can’t climb them in the same way as I could the Pole. In fact, I can’t seem to climb the silks at all! I would be embarrassed by this was it not for me laughing at the idea that I looked very much like a panicked squirrel who had most likely just dropped it’s hard earned nuts what with legs flailing and a loosening grip and a bump as my butt hits the mat.

There I lie with my legs still in the air (sans silks), my whole body trembling with the giggles.

From my place on the mat I watch as the more advanced of the group move into ever more elaborate and elegant poses with ease, admiring their strength, flexibility and determination. I’m hungry to be one of them, to have the physical strength, to have the mental strength, to face the fear of progression with the same positive attitude and faith in their abilities.

I’m aware that this (as with most things) takes time, dedication and a willingness to challenge yourself; to not just step out of your comfort zone but to face plant out of it.

We all have to start somewhere and my starting point for Aerial Silks was a mixed bag of “woohoo I can dangle upside down!” (because let’s face it, dangling upside down is freaking AWESOME!) and “don’t worry folks! My butt broke my fall!” (multiple times).

Aerial Silks
My Nemesis – The Silks!

I wish I could combine Aerial Hoop with Silks (and my up-and-coming “Circus Skills” classes –acrobatics, juggling and the like. I’m hoping for fire-breathing and sword swallowing but I’ve been told they’re a no-no, Health and Safety of all things). I really wish I could, but my schedule isn’t so forgiving at the moment. So for now I’ll have to be content with Silks and with dreams of being the next member of Cirque du Soleil.

R x

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A Pole Dancing student, aspiring Yogi and newbie Buddhist with Hypothyroidism, an Anxiety Disorder and Depression.

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