global warming initiative 2016

global warming initiative 2016
gossamer flames
lace the oak
church pew
cracking varnish
not yet worn off
by a thousand pious
asses stretching time

my neighbor worships
football as I worship

little suns
on earth
my heart

my knuckles
crack over
the ashes
of archaim
tracing portraits:
children yet
to be born
stars long
since expired
crude cartoons

lit by flares
pipe torches
burning the last
no longer
there’s so much
of society left
to burn –
this global warming
will leave no one
in the cold

My Road
Today we step, trusting our
own masonry, laying each
yellow brick ourselves, placing
foot after foot, journeying
from one present to the next,
unrolling golden threads to
trace our paths ahead rather
than back, no breadcrumbs or white
pebbles necessary now.

We write our scripts, pave our roads.
The fates, norns, and furies gone,
Now the venture is our own
through overgrown briars poised
to kill, or jungles thick with
fibrous vines and mystery.

We step forward, confident
in the challenge, obstacle,
and promise of our own paths.

this room
while you were away
I made love to this room,
all angles and hard edges –
I painted myself into the walls
and wrapped myself in the floor
sat up late at night talking
to this empty bed
conjuring pictures for the walls
and imagining you into quiet places
until the angles and edges softened,
transforming into you

this is when I knew
it was ready

An arsonist by trade, John Reinhart lives on a farmlette in Colorado with his wife and children. His poetry has recently been published in Scifaikuest, Star*Line, Moon Pigeon Press, and FishFood Magazine. He is a frequent contributor to the Songs of Eretz Review. Look for his chapbook “Horrific Punctuation” later this year from Tiger’s Eye Press. More of his work is available at Patreon and Facebook.

Image credit: “Road” by John Reinhart