Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Church Social

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Skinny and Single

Found Love In A Hopeless Place - Church Social

As previously discussed, last night there was a church social in my town. Now I’m not a church goer, and I also don’t technically believe in God. However, the meet up website suggested this as a great place to meet people. Yes, I’m a member of a meet up group, you should also get involved in these things, many different events for the single crowd.

So, here I go. I can’t wear my usual tube top, short shorts and high heels, neither can I wear my leather jacket, chaps and biker boots. I’m standing at my closet for a very long time. Ok, I’m just picking stuff off of my floor, why do I lie?
Hmmm, old bridesmaids dress? No.
Hmmm, I have a suit three sizes too big? No.
I can throw on my f*ck you cancer tshirt? No, better not.

Ok, all that is left is a pair…

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