Safe Space

Brain disconnect
fever pitching me
into nightmare
coma memories

make me unhappy
depressed no sad
melancholy infinite
sadness yes

replay like a song
with no shuffle
stuck in hallways
seeing ghosts
I never knew
I had

I see fire blistering skin
smell burning flesh
can’t run in the dream

cemented in
mouth open to scream
not whisper comes out
no roar no sound just noise

screaming would make
nothing change
doesn’t change a thing
I keep going blue on black


You can come with me
to my safe space.
It is always warm
but not hot.

We will stand bare
in the water of the river,
our feet in the sand.
Trees will grow up

around us. We will have
sunlight in the shade.
If we are scared, we will pull
our barks over our skin

grow our roots down into
the earth below the sand
and our branches up
into the sky

the birds will come
make their homes on our bodies
because we are part
of the safe space.

Written by Shareen Mansfield and Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Image capture by RetyiRetyi.


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