At This Very Moment…

At this very moment somewhere in this world…

A person is completely alone
and another feels alone surrounded by people they love.

Memories bring tears to a survivor’s eyes,
as another tries desperately to forget.

Food is but a dream to one
and being used as punishment by another.

A homeless person is out in the cold
as someone else dreams of escaping their home.

Material things bring comfort and pain to a hoarder
while a person with very little is being robbed of all they have.

Pain is a constant companion to one
and being welcomed by someone wanting to feel.

A human body is being violated
as another longs for a gentle, loving touch.

Someone is clinging desperately to life
as another is thinking about ending it all.

At this very moment somewhere in this world…

Someone is listening.
And someone is turning away.

Drew Sheldon is a disabled veteran and a feminist. A survivor of numerous traumas and PTSD sufferer, he advocates passionately for his fellow survivors and all people struggling with mental illness. He was raised by a single mother whom he dearly misses and lives quietly by a little lake with his beautiful kitty Francesca. Find more from Drew on his site Straight White Male Seeks Knowledge.

Image of twins Andrea and Ericka Judd captured by Drew Sheldon.