(De)Caffeinated Confessions is Now Open Genre!

Hello! Happy New Year! As a way to celebrate a fresh start, the On the Verge Four Paws for Noah writing competition is washing its face and opening its heart to all genres.

You already knew OTV is all-inclusive. Well, now (De)Caffeinated Confessions is too! Here’s the skinny (and the full-fat foam):


Submit writing in any genre as long as it does not exceed 2,000 words.

Submit writing on any topic as long as it’s funny.

Submit writing for less, because we are lowering the submission fee.

Submit with less confusion because we are clarifying the prize list.

Submit with greater benefit because OTV editor Shawna Ayoub Ainslie is donating a floating prize of writing feedback on a piece of your choosing up to 50 pages. Anyone who enters can win.

Submit knowing you are awesome because every submission supports a boy and his service dog.

Submit as many times as you want.

In order to make space for these changes, we are also extending your submission deadline by two weeks, so submit until February 14. That’s Valentine’s Day which is extra squishy because, again, every submission benefits a boy and his dog, and these two are meant to be together.

Submit here.


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