I Don’t Like Christmas…

I don’t like Christmas…
All that noise, bizzing-bonging battery toys,
Wake-up calls from buzzing boys

Cards written in a huff, laying on the stress and fuss
(The house has had its annual dust)

Last minute packers, jokes in crackers,
Beneath the mistletoe, cheeky smackers


I don’t like Christmas…
Going on a spending spree, all that time with family,
Painting smiles and forcing glee

Church bell-ringers, charity-collecting carol singers,
Feeling round the presents, sneaky fingers

Christmas songs in every shop: sleigh bells make my brain go pop
Please please please just make them STOP!


I don’t like Christmas
Synchronised Santa lies, making merry with mince pies,
Judging presents by their size

Mulled wine and eggnog, then some schnapps
(Could I have some tea, perhaps?)

Turkey and sprouts, what’s that about?
Then feasting fully till you pass out


I don’t like Christmas
Awful jumpers, flashing lights, twenty days of sleepless nights,
Ending with the usual fights

Glitter, tinsel, decorations, showing off your celebrations,
Fruitless search through TV stations
(Much to dad’s consternation)

All that pain and all that woe,
There’s never even any snow!
No snowman built or snowball thrown.

I don’t like Christmas

I LOVE it!


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