Stand United or Fall Divided

#LinkYourLife #LinkYourCompassion

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While some of us united this weekend, many divided. Online, we came together or fell apart as the news hit. Beirut, Paris and on and on. I watched as pictures of children & memes went up on my news feeds. Children, not old enough to know better or consent, being staged in photos with tag lines like “Sniper in Training” or “Islam -Wipe ‘Em out!”


I watched as my fellow bloggerslost followers for saying Islam wasn’t evil. I watched as hatred spread on Twitter. As lines were drawn on Facebook. Enemies defined. I watched as ignorant, horrific remarks went up. Many of those same people who instantly changed their profile pics tothe red, white and blue banner as a show of support also shared pictures or comments suggesting we wipe out Islam entirely. By doing so, they painted targets on the backs of my family, friends and colleagues.


The rest…

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