Oh, Party Mom! Didn’t You Learn Anything The Last Time?


IMG_0172It feels pretty ridiculous having to do this again. Putting this out there for the world to see? I guess the only way you will hear me is if other people can hear me. You like drama. I’m still trying to be a no drama mama, but I can’t achieve less drama until you get the message. I have to shout it through a megaphone? Fine. Part deux.

Apparently, you are a meanie with no concern for the feelings of anyone else, especially children. I thought surely you would have changed or learned something from the last time I had to break this down, yet here I am again, pensive and riddled with worry because of your callous and cavalier attitude about your son becoming a bully.

Let me go ahead and say it, I don’t want to but I have to: You are teaching your son to be a jerk.


I don’t blame him. It is not his fault that you told him to hate my son because you got embarrassed by how you handled your son’s birthday party. It is not my fault or his that you told your son it was okay to call my son and say things like: “You are diabetes fat and a loser.” It is also not his fault that you tell him it’s okay to snub or say nasty things about me to my son because you didn’t like my honesty .

For years our boys have gone to the same school. Each year your son gets ruder while mine thrives. I understand this is hard for you to comprehend because you do not know what empathy is, but children need to learn how to be nice to each other. It is no accident that your son acts like you while mine treats people with kindness like I do. They mimic us. We are parents. Our job is to teach our children to be better than us at the very least. We are handing the world over to them. Do you really want your son to follow this path you have set him on to adulthood?

"Pegasus Unloaded"
Artist Brandon Smith

Listen, I get that it hurt your feelings being called out about your bad attitude–your just overall bitch ass behavior.  I get that it embarrassed you when I pointed out the hypocrisy of you shielding your son from physical violence while encouraging him to perpetuate that very act. It breaks my heart that my son still wants to be friends with your son despite the cruel things your son says DAILY.  

Let me be absolutely clear,  the school knows what your son is doing. I get it. My son is well-liked while yours is constantly being purposefully rude to kids. My son is well-liked because he is genuine and kind. Yours would likely be that way as well  if you chose to stop bad mouthing people.


I have lived here all my life. I know how you acted when we were in school, so I know it is not easy for you to get along with other people. You have the opportunity right now to shape a child into a wonderful adult. What are you doing with this opportunity? Telling him how you feel about other adults . That’s not his business. My son doesn’t read these posts. I don’t allow these posts on my personal page. I sure as heck don’t tell him to respond in kind. This expression of frustration should not be necessary. And, the fact is my son would wear your son out if he needed to. He just doesn’t like to do that.

My son has my compassion along with my fire. That is alright. You know why? Because of people like you. Just like me, he will always try to work things out. He will always want to be liked. Like me, he is a people pleaser. Also like me, he is loaded with intelligence and wit. He doesn’t even have to hurl insults to wear your son out. But my son will never be rude like yours. I won’t allow it.

You should consider that middle school is a much different place than elementary. Will your son carry this nasty attitude to those halls? I am afraid so. After all, you didn’t change or grow up. But your husband went to school with me . I know he was well-liked and kind. Why don’t you let him take the lead on communications? My husband takes the lead in areas I can’t. If you can’t be nice, let Party Dad teach your son how to be kind .

Let me come clean on this. You are a bitch ass. Get over this stupid crap. Grow up. Don’t like me? I don’t like you. That should not matter. How we feel should not direct our children to be nasty to each other.

I don’t really dislike you at all. I mean not  that much. I think you have plenty of fine qualities. I’m sure we would get along for the most part because I will ignore idiotic, rude, snide remarks then rant about them later instead of what you have chosen to do. While I take the healthy approach and deal with my adult feelings without my kid’s presence you specifically tell your son what to say to hurt my son. Is it fun for you?

If I returned the favor, I promise it wouldn’t be fun for you. I wouldn’t even be nasty about. I would simply let you unravel . It is simple, really. Just be an adult already. Stop teaching your children the wrong things. Start teaching them the right things.  You have two children, one of which is a young girl. She does not need to learn to be mean. It was hard for you when you were the mean girl wasn’t it? I clearly recall it being a hard time for you. I don’t wish that upon anyone. However, it will follow your children if you don’t stop. Grow up.

I KNOW you think you are doing the right thing on some very messed up level. You are not . You are hurting  a young boy who really did nothing at all to hurt you or your son. Does this not matter to you at all? Why do that? It makes no sense. Here is the deal: Lots of adults now know what you are doing . The right people know what is going on with our children. The cat is out of the bag on this one. Your son crossed several lines. You pushed him over the line, directed him on the negative path then told him to dive in. Your son will get caught with his duplicitous bullying attitude. All you accomplished was getting my original letter read several more times.

I appreciate the traffic you are generating. Really, I do. People who had no idea what you did last year now are more than aware. It is kinda cool. You are a desperate housewife stirring the pot. Can you handle the heat when it boils over? I doubt it.  I should thank you. I had writer’s block till I found out what you are up to. Now that I know what you are doing, it won’t be ignored. Good luck with that.

Thank you for inspiring yet another lovely session. Most especially thank you for the spike in traffic to my page. Love you for it. Mwah!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Party Mom! Didn’t You Learn Anything The Last Time?

  1. It is idiotic the way some parents behave – a touch of the “school gate syndrome” as we say in the UK – you know the different types you meet at the school gate that makes the school run a nightmare at times! Just about to read a novel based on school gate parents – fiction but the author was boycotted by her village as many parents could relate to the characters! Keep teaching your son to be kind & I hope his friend realises how bitchy his mum is and learns from your son instead.

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    1. It’s really sad around here, for some reason there are a lot of parents like that in certain areas! What’s the book title ? I would love to read something like that! The crazy thing is the other little boy has so much potential ! He’s really charismatic &bold. Could be a great leader but if no one is steering a child in the right direction they can’t thrive! Thank you for reading! I’d love to know which book you are reading!


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