Can A Poem Save Your Life?



Can a poem save your life
change the world
make a difference
bring world peace
stop a war
feed the hungry
house the homeless

Can a poem start a fire
ignite a revolution
open a door
build a school or hospital
make someone believe
do more than wish
take an action

Can a poem save your life
just in the writing
for the poet’s life
telling a story no one else can
bringing out a voice
long missing
from so many conversations

Can a poem be a bridge
across a wide chasm of
bring together those
who thought they were
to discover they are siblings

Can a poem save your life
or is it just words
just an illusion
something someone safe
threw together to pretend
to be an activist
without doing the work

Can a poem be The Work
one of the many tools
we access as poet
or as community
to hold as a mirror
in front of injustice
and demand change

Has a poem saved your life?


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