Announcing the (De)Caffeinated Confessions Writing Competition and Fundraiser!

Give us your humorous, your bold, your fine, your ground out stories of caffeine, its presence and its absence. But mostly give us your funny.

On the Verge is hosting a (De)Caffeinated Writing Competition. Just by entering, you win. Why? All submission fees will benefit Noah Ainslie, a nine-year-old boy who is fundraising for his Autism service dog. Noah suffers from severe Autism-related anxiety. Noah has already been matched with Appa, a four-month-old standard poodle. Appa will be Noah’s dog friend for life, assisting Noah in school, in public and at home. For more on Noah, Appa and their family’s journey, please review their GoFundMe.

Write for a cause, but also write for your cause. There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in this year’s caffeine olympics. And, if you know anything about Shareen by now, it should be that she never does anything halfway. We’re talking ninja level prizes. No lie.

Your guests at the judging table for this competition are the incomparable Shareen Mansfield aka @ShareenM aka “Get me coffee in an IV, stat!”, Diana Gordon aka @parttimemonster aka #WeekendCoffeeShare host extraordinaire and, lest you think this competition has a coffee bias, the always humorous Tom Hocknell aka @TomAngel1, who holds his nose around coffee and comes by his caffeine honestly through the ancient practice of drinking tea, pinky out.

Judging will be blind. Please visit our Submittable page for more details about who can enter and how.

More of a flash fiction aficionado? Check out this Four Paws for Noah sister competition hosted by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch.

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Shawna is a writer and in Bloomington, IN with an MFA from Indiana University. Her work most frequently addresses issues associated with survivorship. Some of her published writing can be found in The Manifest-Station, HuffPo, Sacred & Subversive, Exit 7, [wherever], and Role Reboot. She writes most regularly on Steemit and her personal site, The Honeyed Quill. Shawna is the creator of #LinkYourLife, the compassion-based community for artists and survivors on Twitter and Facebook. She is Editor-in-Chief for The Relationship Blogger, a site dedicated to mental health, relationships and their intersections. She teaches writing locally as well as online through the Center for Creative Writing.

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