Jon Snow Has Gone To Sleep

"Jon Snow and Ghost" imagined by Aaron Booth
"Jon Snow" imagined by Robert Ball
“Jon Snow” imagined by Robert Ball

Jon Snow has gone to sleep;
He bled out in the frost.
Betrayed by his own brothers
It seems all hope is lost.

Will this be a long sleep?
Perhaps it’s just a nap?
Maybe Mel can wake him,
With a fiery slap.

Maybe he’ll become
A wild and wacky Walker
(The Night’s King seemed to like him;
He’s not much of a talker)

Maybe he will warg,
Into his direwolf, Ghost.
Chase around a ball,
And head off down the coast.

Maybe he’s just dead,
And that’s the end of that.
We’ll never know his parentage,
Deprived of Ned’s lil’ chat.

Jon Snow has gone to sleep:
Is it really what it seems?
In a show that’s full of shocks
This takes it to extremes!

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