Meet Al Lane

A couch potato who got bitten by the baby bug (twice), then the writing bug, and now has little time to watch his beloved television to write poems about… Al Lane’s commitment to irony is impressive. He is a poet and writer, based in the home city of Robin Hood, in Nottingham, England. Al takes the same approach to writing, “stealing” inspiration from the rich, and richly comic. He credits classic British comedy with developing his sense of humor and love of wordplay, often with a twist… Monty Python, Blackadder, Flight of the Conchords… (the last may be a stretch, but, hey, it did begin life as a radio comedy here in the UK…).

Al is a member of SCBWI, to develop and hone his picture book ideas… A seemingly never-ending task! He is a prolific poet, and has written over 400 poems in the last year in various styles and genres. You can check these out, along with his thoughts on writing in rhyme, at his blog-

He claims to be hooked on rhyme, but is currently seeking treatment. Donuts are treatment, right?

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