A Walking Dead Halloween: 


A dark and stormy night…
A grey Atlantan sky…
Carl put on some make-up,
A twinkle in his eye.

He painted his face white
Flecked with blood and meat.
Hid the sheriff’s hat
Time to trick or treat!

He went from door to door
Surprising all his friends
He had too little chance for fun
Now to make amends.

Starting with Deanna
He knocked and gave a groan
Scaring her half-witless
To set a spooky tone.

Next he called on Gabriel
Knocking one, two, three…
On to burly Abraham
Who dropped his cup of tea!

Next to Glenn and Maggie:
They did not even flinch.
Then Michonne, sword in hand,
Did not budge an inch.

Daryl drew his crossbow;
Morgan stared him down.
Eugene blubbed and cried
(He always was a clown)

Rick twigged straight away
And gave him that “dad” look.
He did not approve of anything
Not done “by the book”

(Carl didn’t call on Carol
In those wee small hours.
Instead he tip-toed past her house,
Looking at the flowers)

Now Carl had had his fun
He yawned, was feeling sleepy.
Time to head for bed
Before things get too creepy!

Find more from Al the Author here.

Image credit: “Walking Dead” captured by Aurelien Glabas


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