Captured By Andy Horning

Very wrong feels
not water I knew
in the dream
walls, I sensed
I was dying
my visuals
coming down
What was
projected in poison
filled my dream water
my home
crumbling down on me.

Captured By Andy Horning

12 thoughts on “Nightscape

  1. Hi,
    The photos really evoke the mood of the poem.
    Question: I am excited to be in your LinkYourLife FB Group. I know groups have specific rules. Does yours? Can I leave a link to a post I’ve written? If yes, any day? If yes, is there a pinned post or just put it at the top? Thanks for clarifying for me.

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    1. Do you want me to pin it to my Twitter so you can learn about it a bit more. It’s fun. I’ll get on Twitter and pin it . On Fridays you hashtag your post #LinkYourLife. When you do tweet me & I will do my hosting duty of making it fun while engaging you in it!

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      1. No worries! The rules are nothing difficult. We have no snobbery. When you see the ” rules ” you’ll understand why Shawna started this hashtag & why I co-host. I’m the colorful commentary . I’m the wild card. I bring in layers of myself . Don’t forget to share the work of others & invite others! You can always tag me on Twitter saying hi & I will do my best to make it a real party!

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