Soul bared
she cries out
for so long
she has held it in
been afraid
to admit the pain
she suffers in
or carefully crafted
verses, statuses
essays, tweets

But she has
cracked open
words failing
seams that held
her together
have come undone
she finds she
can no longer
those platitudes

Nor can she
write out the pain
any more
as some kind of
it defies
instead tears into
her body
she cannot
allow anything in
for fear of what
will then come

She is frozen
her heart dying
her truth
her silence
her only protection
because the saying
is even worse

What does it mean
when to speak is
more terrifying
than to die
and alone

Find more from writer Aaminah at their website.

Image credit: “Looms Over, Waits Awhile, Finds An Opening” (2008) by Chloe Viening-Butler  created by Chloe Viening-Butler


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