#LinkYourLife Every Friday on Twitter

Shareen and I have been running a hashtag every Friday on Twitter since March called #LinkYourLife. You can join the Twub here, or employ the tag on Twitter to connect with a great community of writers and photographers. Use it to share bylines, blog posts, photos or whatever bests captures who you are/were/will be. We want to know you. Let’s meet up every Friday to link our lives, share each other’s work, and form more lasting Twitter connections. Online connections can be glancing. Let’s get personal.

What you should link:

1) Who you are, what you do, and a piece of work (blog, publication, poem, story, whatever) that you feel best represents you.

2) Work by others that you believe best captures who they are, or pieces by others that speak to your own life experience. Tell why.

3) Non-pornographic images that capture a moment in your life.

4) Please do not spam by sharing more than two of your own posts. Choose what is most important to you that day or week. Our group has grown significantly, so let’s be sure we share the space. It’s fine to repost your chosen link throughout the day to be sure we all have a chance to see it.

Be sure to retweet generously, but the goal of this hashtag share is to read and discover, so read work first. Get to know your Twitter community. Take your connections further than an RT. Link your lives off the page.


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