A Trip to Walmart When You’re A Broke & Broken Woman

I was good and
didn’t buy any junk food
no cookies or cakes
nothing sweet at all
In fact I didn’t buy food
I bought cat litter
and you will tell me
poor people shouldn’t
have pets
I bought bee pollen
for my depression
but you will say
if I just got off my ass
and got a job
I wouldn’t be depressed
I bought beads
an investment in my business
I’m sure you’ll scoff
and tell me again
I have no talent
and that’s why my art
does not sell
so buying beads is
a joke
I went to Walmart
because I had a gift card
that Medicaid sent to me
to thank me for being
about my high cholesterol
You will glare and say
I milk the system
being on Medicaid
because I don’t make enough
to buy insurance
while I thank Obama
for telling Michigan
it had to cover me
after they refused
You will glare more
that Medicaid plans
give out free gift cards
for doing the least
But I went to Walmart
because I had a card
I didn’t use a scooter
even though I was
exhausted because
for a week I have been up
until 2am
working on piss poor
paying writing jobs
desperately trying to
pay bills
When I finally get to sleep
I have nightmares
about this world
plunging into chaos
I didn’t use a scooter
even though my back ached
the whole time
because I have a disability
but I didn’t use
a scooter
because people like you
Only go to Walmart
to take pictures
to post to social media
And I didn’t want to see
become a meme
of the
don’t work
and won’t walk

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artist, art historian, culture critic, editor, healer, poet, writer, a force of nature

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