A Trip to Walmart When You’re A Broke & Broken Woman

. . .people like you
Only go to Wal-Mart
to take pictures
to post to social media

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Mission Statement

On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield gives voice to what is either not often said or not often heard. If it pushes a boundary, it belongs here. If you would like to see your work featured on this site, please visit our submissions page and proceed divinely.

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Submit to Open Thought Vortex Magazine

Open Thought Vortex Magazine wants your work for publication on this site. All submissions will be selected personally by Shareen and Kara Post-Kennedy, the Open Thought Vortex Editor-in-Chief.

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I’m finding my path. Everything was loud yesterday. I need to ambulate is what the doctor says if I malaise for too long I will be really sick. I need to go see what’s in bloom. Every week it’s different. Sometimes there are squirrels running. Other times a duck. I always see geese! I need […]

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Scars That Wear Me

Your hands were warm but your nails were sharp. You rent me casually, cast my pieces aside and laughed lightly. You don’t need those, you told me. I’ve done you a favor.

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Sweet Weed

Originally posted on Elan Mudrow:
? The flesh of my lover’s body Still taut within memory’s touch That distance shaped my femininity Her sweet, sweet, large lips, appeared As a succulent rooted plant Which allowed me into her meadow To traverse the yard, to stretch within the clover Tasting her dandelion, a wine, sweet weed,…

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This is a safe space: #yesallgenders

[Image description: A rainbow arcing over the words #yesallgenders set on a white background. Beneath is a blue background which reads “The Honeyed Quill and On the Verge with Shareen Mansfield all peoples and all genders regardless of presentation, identification or orientation. We believe the change that makes our world a better place starts with […]

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