Two Poems by Noah Ainslie


image courtesy of Brandon Smith


Sad creation happened
love broken forever
it was dead
it felt like there was a knife
in my neck
I couldn’t breathe
drowned in the tears of the orphans
I drank it
I felt angry
and now all I drink are the
tears of the orphans.


Down in the darkness
grounded under my grave
drinking the tears of the orphans
terror takes me over
I’m alone and dead
crying can’t help me now
I’m underground in the underworld
alone because
I’m away from good.
I was bad.


Noah Ainslie is nine years old and lives with his family in Bloomington, IN. He wrote these poems at age eight after reading Moby Dick with his father. This is his first published work.


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Shawna is a writer and in Bloomington, IN with an MFA from Indiana University. Her work most frequently addresses issues associated with survivorship. Some of her published writing can be found in The Manifest-Station, HuffPo, Sacred & Subversive, Exit 7, [wherever], and Role Reboot. She writes most regularly on Steemit and her personal site, The Honeyed Quill. Shawna is the creator of #LinkYourLife, the compassion-based community for artists and survivors on Twitter and Facebook. She is Editor-in-Chief for The Relationship Blogger, a site dedicated to mental health, relationships and their intersections. She teaches writing locally as well as online through the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing.

10 thoughts on “Two Poems by Noah Ainslie

  1. Apples don’t fall far from their trees! Noah’s mom had her first work published when she was close to the same age. Both he and his mom are very deep thinkers and are able to verbalized emotions that some of us are never able to give voice to! I am very impressed with his work and look forward to following his writing as he develops his skills even further.

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