When You’ve Hit Your Lowest Low

Shelby Sever! Yes!!!!

Thought Catalog

I’ve become addicted to very bad things.

There are certain types of addiction, and they vary. You can be addicted to drink, to people, sometimes even to yourself. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about the addiction to negativity. This is my addiction. I crave it. I hug it close to me because it’s easy. It’s simple to believe awful things about yourself and it’s so difficult to listen to positivity when it seems scarce.

Lately, life has not been the best. There have been circumstances that are unfortunate, but were out of my control. There were some that I had control of, and I chose to make the wrong decision. When a lot of terrible things happen, it is easy to let yourself delve into a deep valley of muck that seems inescapable.

Life can be so wonderful at times, so bright and full of…

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