15 Things That Happen When You’re The Realistic Person In Your Friend Group

This is a very easy to follow guide about me. It was not written by me but hey, that is what Monday reblog is for!

“Being realistic does not mean you’re brutal. You know that people have feelings, and you’re careful to give them your honest opinion without being hurtful.”

Thought Catalog


1. Everyone looks to you when it’s time to plan a trip, because they know that not only will you plan everything to perfection, you’ll also create all necessary back up plans for when the original plans inevitably don’t work out.

2. Your purse rivals the one Mary Poppins carried. You know to prepare for any situation, so your friends can count on you to be the one to have a pack of tissues, sun block, and mid-afternoon snacks with you at all times.

3. You’re constantly fighting the urge to say, “I told you so,” when your friends ignore your sage realism.

4. ….But most of the time, you don’t have to say it, because the fact that you’re the only one who decided to bring an umbrella, and now it’s raining and everyone is fighting for a coveted spot under it, usually speaks volumes.

5. Being realistic…

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