Chasing Rainbows

Bob Mansfield-Artist-Abstract Robert Wayne Mansfield
Alexander Mansfield Prism Captured By Shareen Mansfield
Alexander Mansfield
“Prism” Captured By Shareen Mansfield

There is a rainbow waiting to be caught, a sparkle, catching your eyes, diverting attention from whatever storm has passed. Moving you, seeping into the fabric of your life, eclipsing the dark, gradually fading like the illusion it is.

Double Rainbow Captured by Benjamin Mansfield
“Double Rainbow” Captured by Benjamin Mansfield

Pursued by so many yet never caught.  All the while unbeknownst to the world a clear message that somewhere, out there, a breath of hope has been propelled down.

Andrew Mansfield  Chasing Rainbows Captured By Benjamin Mansfield
Andrew Mansfield
“On the Chase”
Captured By Benjamin Mansfield

Rainbows are always followed by magical wonder, overloading your senses with the possibility that at the end of that rainbow is a treasure to be found. Existing in rainbows are dreams, wishes, loveliness, curiosity, and relief.

Yasmeen Marks Ready for the Chase Captured by Shareen Mansfield
Yasmeen Marks with Andrew Mansfield
“Ready for the Chase”
Captured by Shareen Mansfield

Pulsing through each of us magic flows. Projecting itself through the innocence of children, the words of the writer, rhymes of a poet and strokes of a paintbrush. Warming us, the rainbow never fades. It’s captured, delighting, captivating in the same magical way.

Bob Mansfield-Artist-Abstract Robert Wayne Mansfield
“Abstract” – Captured by Daria Mansfield
Artist- Robert Wayne Mansfield